• New VERANDA !

    Designed like real living rooms, contemporary conservatories meet current optimization of thermal and acoustic performance optimized light of balanced inputs and minimalist ecstatic.The inclination of the low slope roofs (up to 5) is concealed by right headband flat design statement or a cornice according to the desired style. Retrieves a hidden drainage of rainwater. Result: the veranda has the contemporary look of a rooftop extension.


  • Decorative & friendly PERGOLA

    Sheltered terrace aluminum sun control!This aluminum construction creates a very pleasant outside area. From the first days of spring until the end of the off-season, you can stay there with much pleasure through the roof provided with slats that fit the need of heat, ventilation and perfect protection for all conditions atmospheric.- Blinds discreetly recessed screen, between two poles- LED lighting integrated in the blades possibility- Sunshine mastered with adjustable motorized blades 160 °- Aluminum construction with waterproof roof with water- Profiles with integrated drainage of water- The modules can be coupled in width or length

  • L’aluminium bas carbone «4.0»

  • autonomous shutters !!

    100% solar, 100% autonomous!independent of the power grid, the power of the solar collector Autonomous ID2 and capacity of its battery secure the highest operating, whichever the level of sunlight.Tested on 21000 cycles (equivalent to 60 years of use), ID2Autonome was developed in partnership with the National Institute del'Energie Solaire (INES) and the Atomic Energy Commission and auxEnergies Alternatives (CEA).

  • Finesse inégalée

  • Le Service Après Vente

  • Recognized Guarantor of the Environment

    RGE our qualification allows you to benefit from the tax credit for the energy transition and eco-interest loan for your insulation work and replacement of external joinery.