Outdoor blinds

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    sun protection for outdoor awningcoated aluminum frameThe fully enclosed box protects the fabric and mechanism of any weatherWide choice of colors and fabricselectric winch maneuver or depending on model

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    In modern architecture, where design is at the forefront, the facade awnings play a key role. For textiles fit ideally forms the building and customize the facade, giving it its own character. But the Griesser facade awnings are not only beautiful but also practical.

  • Ajustable Sun blocker

    There are different solutions to save energy. One of them is called Grinotex®. With sealing lips, venetian blinds can be closed and opened fully. This system stores an excellent life is extremely weather resistant.Recognized properties Grinotex® have been incorporated by adding the curved shape of the blades. The unique shape of the blades used to set new standards in design. The Sinus blade allows for energy savings by up to 50% more daylight.

  • Telescopic arm awnings

    Like the clearly structured architecture and simple design? Then you will be thrilled with the SELECT-STOBOSCOPE. Thanks to the specific aspect of linear telescopic arm and maximum fabric tension obtained on gas cylinders, these blinds are transformed into an ideal design element. Based on the technique of triangular carrier tube, the SELECT-STOBOSCOPE can be mounted easily on the facade, beneath the slab or on the rafters and all the advantages of SELECT models. The mounted electric motor series provides extra convenience.

  • Double blinds on feet

    With BOXMOBIL, it is easily possible shade generously and comfortably open surfaces. The feet of awning system is especially suited for the catering sector, for pools, at demonstrations and other events. The structure consists of massive steel studs and two blinds caisson.Ces blinds can be individually controlled by optionally with hand crank or electric motor